Single room: from 69,50 €

Double room: from 99,50 €

Exhibition single room: from 99,50 €

Exhibition double room: from 129,50 €


Single room: from 49,50 €

Double room: from 69,50 €

Exhibition single room: from 79,50 €

Exhibition double room: from 99,50 €


Single room: from 44,00 €

Double room: from 64,00 €

Exhibition single room: from 64,00 €

Exhibition double room: from 84,00 €

Bookable options

Breakfast: 12,50 € (for house guests only 6,50 €)

All rooms rates in euros, all taxes inclusive. All subjects to availability. Please ask for special rates.

Dear business clients and large customers: you can get up to 30% discount. Please contact us for more information.

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