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  • WiFi
  • Parking
  • Safe


Astoria Easy … our Hotel is offering your *** a comfortable accommodation in a friendly atmosphere for little money!

Yes – we can!
Please enjoy our special offer for all people who want to save money and have all the amenities of a hotel – our Astoria Hotel in Essen offers all you need for a pleasant and easy stay – and it does not always have to be expensive!
Stay with us – starting from 39 Euros for a multi bedroom and 69 Euros for a double bedroom

  • low price
  • wireless network in your room
  • big rooms
  • quiet rooms
  • placed in an old mansion

Our easy rooms!

We are trying to make your stay in our hotel as comfortable as possible right from the start. Perfect for families and groups.
Arrival – easy parking in our backyard
Your stay – find all easy rooms in a nice and appropriate style, big enough to find yourself at home and placed in an old mansion. Most of them have a kitchen for your self-catering! Just ask for more information …
Breakfast – watch out for our large breakfast for only 6,50 Euros.

We are happy to inform your about special offers during weekends or outside the exhibition times.