Essen, cultural capital of Europe 2010!

You will love visiting the Ruhr Valley, its rough and charming character.

Essen is a name that used to be “the town” for German industry and the Krupp family, now ThyssenKrupp. But if you expecting a post-Industrial cityscape – you may be surprised.

After most of the industry has gone Essen was left with modern towers and parks, while a UNESCO-status industrial facility has been lovingly cleaned up as a monument.

There are big concert halls placed in repurposed factories, and the Zollverein Mining Complex is both simple and elegant for its Bauhaus architecture. You can get to know the Krupps a little better by going on a trip to see the huge family villa, and take excursions to the authentic medieval villages in Essen’s suburbs.

Kids will love to visit the Movie Park with all its attractions near by.

Plenty of restaurants and bars around town makes this place perfect for a short or long stay in our ASTORIA CITY HOTEL.

Both families and businessman will find a place in our hotel … 104 rooms in four different places and categories … just a few minutes walking distance away.

Please choose from the following options:
* Astoria business for all guests on a business trip in our ***star plus rooms
* Astoria Komfort for a relaxing stay
* Astoria Easy – more room for little money
* Astoria Apart for a longer stay

You will find a big backyard and parking facilities, all connected with each other and easy to reach from the main building.

We love to welcome you – and we will try everything to make your stay in our Hotel as pleasant as possible.
Come. Enjoy. Stay.

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